Máquinas Hidráulicas

Small footprint, highest precision, best usability

The servo-hydraulic machines provide a very economic way to produce plastic parts. Moreover, these machines can be adapted very flexibly to specific requirements. Through the modern servo drive technology they approximate the electric machines with regard to engery consumption and noise level. 

More of functionality, design quality and performance

SmartPower COMBIMOULD 60 – 350

COMBIMOULD, the multi-component technology of WITTMANN BATTENFELD, offers the complete range of solutions to meet the increasingly stringent demands of the plastic product market on design and functionality.

The benchmark for large machines

MacroPower 400 – 2000

Compact, modular, precise: the MacroPower, newly developed large machine in the 400 to 2,000 t clamping force range, stands for ultimate precision, shortest footprint, high speed and modularity.

Multi-functional parts through COMBIMOULD technology

MacroPower COMBIMOULD 400 – 2000

COMBIMOULD, the multi-component technology from WITTMANN BATTENFELD, guarantees optimized product design due to a variety of processes. 

The compact large hybrid machine

MacroPower E 400 – 1100

The MacroPower E, available in the clamping force range from 400 to 1,100 t, is an extremely compact large machine with a minimal footprint, which sumultaneously offers ultimate precision and energy efficiency with high injection dynamism.

Flexibility and precision

VM R 40 – 270

The rotary table machine series with clamping force sizes from 40 to 270 t repesents a benchmark in flexible parts production and offers first-class precision and best accessibility for automation.

Automated production in highest precision

VM 60 – 200

The VM series, available in the clamping force range from 60 to 200 t is characterized by its compact design with small outer dimensions for space saving production.

Compact design for space saving production

CM 40

The CM machine with a clamping force of 40 t stands for flexibility and space for insertion activities.

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