Medical technology

WITTMANN BATTENFELD machines are predestinated for medical applications. Cleanness, precision, repeatabilility and other features - that´s what WITTMANN BATTENFELD offers its customers in this industy.

Vacuum blood sampling systems made of plastics

Greiner BioOne based in Kremsmünster, Austria, is a globally leading manufacturer of blood sampling systems for analytics.

When choosing an injection molding machine, Greiner BioOne’s main focus lies on criteria such as high reproducibility, reliability, long-term stability, documentation facilities and clean room compatibility. Due to the constantly rising energy costs, there is also an increasing interest in all-electric equipment. The EcoPower from WITTMANN BATTENFELD meets these criteria in every respect.

Plastic packages for liquid medicines

Stella Kunststofftechnik GmbH domiciled in Eltville, Germany, makes plastic components such as dropper inserts, pouring spouts, syringe adapters, dosing pipette adapters, screw-on caps, screw-on caps with tamper evidence ring, pipettes and pipette caps, pistons, sealing elements and cylinders for dosing pipettes, dosing cups, components for child-proof closures and tube bodies.

In injection molding, Stella requires primarily extreme precision, reproducibility and clean room compatibility. The EcoPower from WITTMANN BATTENEFLD meets this company’s requirements to a special degree. The high energy efficiency of the EcoPower is regarded as a feature which will gain increasingly in significance.

“Multiclix” – lancing device for diabetics

Another example for the use of injection molding machines from WITTMANN BATTENFELD is the production of lancing devices for diabetics by Weidmann Plastics Technology based in Rapperswil, Switzerland. The machines in question are vertical rotary table machines specially geared to the necessary high standards of precision and high speed for this application. These products require above all a consistently high quality standard with large quantities. The vertical machines from WITTMANN BATTENFELD fulfill Weidmann’s demands for absolute precision and reproducibility and minimal cycle times in every respect.

Lab on a chip

An example for the application of the MicroPower machine, a machine which has been specially designed for the production of small and micro parts and which is predestinated for the medical industry, is the fabrication of a so called lab on a chip. This part is a 2-component application, which is produced under clean room conditions on an equipment consisting of 2 MicroPower machines.

The term "lab on a chip" designates a micro fluidic system which scales down certain selected functions of conventional labs to the dimensions of a microchip, using only minute volumes of fluid. With tis technology, fluids such as blood can be completely and automatically analyzed on a single chip.

Dosage spoon for liquid medication

Roughly 80 per cent of the injection molding products manufactured by the family-owned, Upper Austrian Company KWK (Kunststoffwerk Kremsmünster) are primary packaging components for the pharmaceutical industry. The portfolio includes closures for glass and plastic bottles, with or without tamper evidence rings, with or without integrated desiccants, dropper nozzles, sealing liners, pouring spouts and dosage syringe adapters, as well as dosage spoons, dosage cups and cream jars.

For the production of dosing spoons, WITTMANN BATTENFELD could deliver a machine of the all-electric EcoPower series combined with a WITTMANN W832 UHS (ultra-high-speed) linear robot for fast parts removal, a further W832 stand-alone robot for finished parts handling and a packaging system positioned parallel to the machine`s non-operator side.

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