CELLMOULD® is a process developed by WITTMANN BATTENFELD to manufacture structured foam parts through direct gas injection with physical foaming agents. Structured foam components feature a compact shell with a foamed core. CELLMOULD® lightweight technology enables the production of extremely light, highly rigid parts without sink marks.

Gas control unit

Either chemical or physical foaming agents are used in the production of structured foam parts. Chemical foaming agents are added to the plastics granulate in the form of master batches, powders or liquids. Gases or liquids are used as physical foaming agents, which are injected into the barrel. The foaming agent used in the CELLMOULD® process is nitrogen. This technology is ideally suited for manufacturing light, structured components.


CELLMOULD® ligthweight technology enables the production of foamed, highly rigid parts without sink marks. The aim of the CELLMOULD® lightweight technology is to produce both thick-walled and thin-walled structural foam parts with a fine and even foam structure with reduced weight.




  • Reduction in weight.
  • Reduction of frozen-in stress.
  • Prevention of sink marks.
  • Reduction of warpage.
  • Narrow tolerance possible.
  • Greater flow lengths through reduced viscosity.
  • Higher rigidity with the same weight.
  • Lower clamping forces necessary.
  • Shorter cycle times.
  • New scope for design.


  • Special screw and barrel unit with 25 L/D for CELLMOULD®.
  • Gas injection nozzle for the injection of gases into the screw barrel.
  • Gas flow regulator module to ensure controlled gas injection.
  • Pneumatic needle shut-off nozzles to prevent leaking of the melt with the foaming agent.
  • Hydraulic accumulators for fast injection.
  • Control and regulation of the CELLMOULD® process via the UNILOG B6 control.
  • Nitrogen and compressor unit as with AIRMOULD®.


The whole CELLMOULD® technology has been developed by WITTMANN BATTENFELD and all components are produced in-house. Thus, WITTMANN BATTENFELD is the only producer of injection molding machines who is able to deliver both the machine and the equipment for physical foaming according to the motto “everything from a single source”.



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