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Injection Molding

WITTMANN BATTENFELD injection molding technology in toggle modular, hydraulic and all-electric versions.

State-of-the-art injection molding and process technology

Innovation and technological advancement for maximum customer benefit in many industries are the fundamental principles of the WITTMANN BATTENFELD injection molding technology. The modern and comprehensive range of machinery in a modular design meets the actual and future requirements of the market, taking into consideration the best utilization of the applied energy.

At a glance

Toggle machines
The toggle machines from WITTMANN BATTENFELD are characterized by their speed, their high productivity and their plain and uncomplicated design.
Servo-hydraulic machines
The main features of the servo-hydraulic machines are their space-saving design, higest precision and flexibility for the most diverse applications.
Fast runners
The characteristics of the fast runners are very fast movements, high injection speed and plasticizing capacities.
Electric machines
The special advantages of the all-electric machines are a high degree of energy efficiency, precision, cleanness and a low noise level.
Micro injection molding
Micro injection molding is the most economic way to produce highly precise small and micro injection molding parts.
Vertical machines
The vertical machines - available in 3 versions - offer a lot of space for the insertion of parts and the complete automation in one production cell.
Multicomponent machines
Multicomponent machines with the most diverse configurations of the injection units in L, V and S configuration, according to the customer demand.
WITTMANN BATTENFELD injection molding machines are targeted to a minimal emission level as standard. In addition, the MicroPower, SmartPower and EcoPower machine series are available with specially adapted MEDICAL equipment upgrades.
Control unit
One control unit for all machines - the UNILOG B8 control unit sets new benchmarks in user friendliness, integration into networks and internet communication.
With its communication standard WITTMANN 4.0, the WITTMANN Group offers a uniform data transfer platform between injection molding machines and peripheral equipment from WITTMANN.
Process technology
WITTMANN BATTENFELD produces additional value for its customers by means of innovative injection molding processes.
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