Medical 5 – 350 t

Currently, WITTMANN BATTENFELD offers the MicroPower, EcoPower and SmartPower machine series in MEDICAL version. All three series are also available as multi-component machines.

The center of a clean production is the mold space. WITTMANN BATTENFELD offers the necessary details for a cleanroom compatible mold space, such as:

  • Encapsulated media connections:
    These are located at the rear of the machine next to the mold space. Fold-back covering panels form a housing to encapsulate the components for media supply and distribution.
  • A lubrications-free tie-bar system:
    The moving platen of the machine travels on a carriage without coming into contact with the tie-bars. Within the clamping system, the tie-bars exclusively serve as force transmission elements without any guiding functions. This keeps the mold space free of oil and grease.
  • Encapsulated platen guides:
    Support and guiding of the moving platen is handled by two moving carriages sliding on linear bearings. The linear bearings on the machine frame are located outside the mold space. Telescopic covers prevent any potential contact between free falling molded parts and the linear guides.

Since there is more than just one type of clean room production, a comprehensive range of equipment options and services is available for individual adaptation of the basic equipment to special needs.

  • Stand-alone clean room cell through combination with an air filter and laminar flow unit
  • Ample space for peripherals, such as a rotary table, robot, material dryer, temperature control technology and other product-specific options
  • Encapsulated drive system
  • Finished parts depositing system (option)
  • Integrated quality inspection (option)

  • Easy-to-clean mold space through stainless steel panels on the surroundings of the mold platens
  • Controlled exhaust air disposal
  • Sliding laminar flow unit (mounted on linear guides)
  • Total cleanness concept through stainless steel panels also on the clearing spaces and components outside the mold space
  • Safety through re-qualification at regular intervals

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