The new UNILOG B8 control system runs under the new Windows® 10 IoT operating system, which offers extensive capacities for process control. For this control system, the industrial PC integrated in the machine has been equipped with an intuitive touch screen interface. In addition to the pivotable monitor screen, a user-friendly manual operating panel is integrated in the machine`s central console.

UNILOG B8 comes with a highly self-explanatory operating logic, similar to that of modern communication equipment. The operational functions can be controlled by haptic keys, the process functions can be retrieved via a pivotable 21.5" full-HD touch screen display by gesture control (wiping/zooming), with access via RFID, a key card or a key ring.

The status of the machine and/or the integrated robots and peripheral equipment is displayed in a colored status bar and by pop-up menus as well as a set of colored "traffic lights". Fast initial machine setting is possible with the QuickSetup program. Moreover, a comprehensive help library is integrated in the control system. The monitor screen display, which can be partitioned, enables simultaneous visualization of two different functions.



  • Brightly lit 21.5" full-HD Mulit-Touch screen. 
  • Windows® 10 IoT (Internet of Things) operating system. 
  • Uniform operator interface with intuitive logic for all machines.
  • Well-known, familiar operating logic, adapted to Windows® 10 IoT.
  • Display screen can be partitioned for simultaneous display of two process graphs above each other.
  • Data input possible via touch screen, functional graphs or keyboard pop-ups.
  • Operation by gesture control.
  • Movement functions can also be operated via membrane keys.
  • Easy start by using QuickSetup for initial machine setting.
  • Free programming of the cycle via icon-based graphic facility.
  • "Plug & Produce" integration of WITTMANN peripherals.

The operator access to the control system comes with an RFID access control. Via this personalized identification system, the program settings and preselection of view pages can also be personalized. In addition to identification via an RFID card or RFID key ring, login via a password or USB still also remains possible.

QuickLook enables a quick, easy production status check via smartphone. In this way, production data and the status of all important units in a production cell can be viewed, as well as alarm signals and production parameters, on individual machines or in Groups.

For monitoring of machines or production cells or even entire shop floors, WITTMANN BATTENFELD works with the MPDV MES System (Manufacturing Execution System). In combination with the SmartMonitoring software module, the current status of an injection molding production plant can be visualized in real time on any of the machine's monitor Screen.

  • QuickSetup: With the QuickSetup automatic programming system in UNILOG B8, the machine can be set even more quickly and easily for production start-up. All the operator needs to do is to enter the material data from the B8 database and the dimensions of the mold.
  • SmartEdit: For programming the movement sequences, an icon-based system of symbols is available. Starting from a basic process, it enables editing of even complex core pull, ejector and air valve actions.

WITTMANN supplies a comprehensively coordinated portfolio of machines and peripheral systems (robots, material handling and recycling, mold cooling and temperature control systems). All units come with a "plug & produce" interface to the machine based on a uniform software platform. Via the "WITTMANN 4.0" communication system, a production cell can be integrated into the customer's network via a single IP address.

In the standard version, the dosing and injection processes and the melt cushion volume are monitored by stroke-based measured value integrals with up to 400 measurement points within adjustable limit values. Whenever the tolerance limits are exceeded, an alarm is triggered which requires an intervention by the machine operator. A similar function is in place for mold protection. Optional HiQ programs for process control are also available.

For quality monitoring, a quality data table with display and monitoring of 6 parameters and 1000 events is available as standard, plus 5 graphic curves of actual values and one envelope curve. One option is the expert package with an extensive range of additional functions. Another is the HiQ process control package.

Video: UNILOG B8
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