FLOWCON plus remote control

The FLOWCON plus achieves permanent monitoring of the amount of fluid passing through a cooling duct, which gives it a decisive advantage. Disruptive factors, such as constriction of cooling ducts or fluctuations in pressure are detected and the flow is controlled proportionally using stepper motors instead of the old manual regulating valves. This prevents irregularities in the temperature and improves the safety of the process, which ultimately contributes to a superior quality of components. All of the process data can be saved and very easily called up for subsequent production runs. The FLOWCON plus water flow controller also makes it possible to connect 4 x 12 circuits together by means of data cables.


  • Operating temperature max. 120 °C
  • Flow rate/circuit 1,5–15 l/min
  • Circuits/unit (steps of 2) max. 12
  • Mold supply/return line G 3/8"
  • Water supply/return line G 1 1/4"
  • Electric connection I: 24 V – DC (integr.)
  • Electric connection II: 230 V – 50 Hz – AC – 4A (stand-alone)

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