SmartPower 25 – 350 t

The compact servohydraulic machines with intelligent, energy-saving drive system. In the 25 to 350 t clamping force range, these models are "unlimited" in precision, efficiency and usability. Moreover, they are outstanding as to their short footprint, their generous mold mounting area and their extensive options.

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Servo motor

Thanks to the modular design, the SmartPower is extremely versatile and lends itself to many special processes. The powerful control unit UNILOG B6P offers various possibilities of process control and documentation.

The machines feature a very small footprint, thanks to their highly compact, extremely rigid 3-platen design. They are highly energy-efficient due to a new space-saving and low-noise servomotor. A generously dimensioned mold mounting area and low-maintenance linear guides are further highlights of the new SmartPower.


  • Smallest footprint.
  • Traversable injection units with linear movements. The screw can be removed quickly in just a few easy steps.
  • Rapid and even build-up of clamping force through a simple, centralized hydraulic clamping system with diagonally symmetrical fast-stroke cylinders and centrally mounted ejector. 
  • Support for the moving platen by high-precision linear guides.
  • Easy, comfortable parts removal in three directions through open drop area.

  • Design with extremely short footprint.
  • Generously dimensioned clamping platens.
  • High rigidity and sturdiness.
  • Precise platen parallelism maintained during the entire stroke.
  • Moving platen support by low-maintenance linear guides.
  • Fully hydraulic clamping system.
  • High opening and closing speed thanks to differential circuit.
  • Central transmission of force when moving and under clamping force.
  • Short dry cycle times.
  • Free access to ejector.
  • High repeatability of all parameters.
  • Highly sensitive mold protection.
  • Optimal mold protection through minimized platen deflection and linear guides.
  • All components with excellent serviceability and low maintenance requirements.

  • Optimized melt homogeneity thanks to a uniform L/D ratio of 22 : 1 and an injection pressure of 2,000 bar with medium-diameter screws.
  • Linear guide systems ensure precise axial movements of the injection unit.
  • Carriage cylinders positioned opposite each other provide momentum-free nozzle carriage.
  • Compact design with integrated hydraulic block and easy access to all components.
  • Direct screw drive via low-speed hydraulic motor with optimal adaptation to individual plasticizing demands.
  • Ultimate repeatability thanks to optionally controlled servo-valve.
  • Short footprint with two pulling cylinders.
  • High injection rates.
  • Universal compatibility of barrels with different injection units.

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