WITTMANN BATTENFELD machines are used for a wide variety of automotive applications. They comprise for example interior decor, exterior pannelling and also motor and gear.

Innovative locking technology

Reutter supplies both the passenger and truck industries with ist innovative locking systems such as cooling water tank caps, tank locking caps or AdBlue® filling systems. Reutter uses for its innovative products exclusively hydraulic machines from WITTMANN BATTENFELD such as an HM 180/1000 with ServoPower drive and WITTMANN robot. 

Plastic parts for primium customers

Dieter Wiegelmann, based in Olsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, has made a name for itself in Germany and beyond its national borders as a problem solver in the area of complex plastics applications, primarily for premium customers. Since last year, a MacroPower 1500 and a hydraulic HM 240 equipped with the CELLMOULD® package have been in operation to complement the machinery of this successful medium-sized enterprise.

Technologically complex plastic parts

Absolute top quality and reliability in the production of technologically sophisticated parts tailored to customers`s demand have first priority for Denk Kunststoff Technik in Gevelsberg, Germany. The company`s product range comprises 2-component parts such as door check housings, plastic parts with metal inserts, plastic hinges, parts for the engine compartment and much more. Denk Kunststoff Technik produces its complex parts among others with machines from WITTMANN BATTENFELD, such as a hydraulic machine with a clamping force of 150 t of the HM series, a 110 t round table machine of the VM series and, since 2014, a machine of the all-electric EcoPower series, which is outstanding as to its energy efficiency and its cleanness.

Decorative trims for automotive interiors

Decorative trims made of real wood or carbon fabric on a plastic backing with a PUR surface finish upgrade the automotive interior.

The market leader in this segment is Novem Car Interior Design GmbH based in Germany. To make these wood/plastic or carbon/plastic composite parts, Novem has opted for the new MacroPower injection molding machines from Wittmann Battenfeld. With their ergonomically designed clamping units, these machines offer ideal conditions for an efficient combination of machine operation with plastics processing.


Housing components for headlamps

PLASTTECHNIK HOHLEBORN has its main market in the automotive industry and there in the area of lighting technology accessories, with a special focus on headlamp housings.

The modern, slim headlamps are parts with a considerable slant, which require tooling with a large mold height. The task is, among other things, to inject small quantities of material into large molds. Thanks to their compact design and easy accessibility, the machines from the MacroPower series are predestined for producing such parts.

Premium-quality lightweight parts

Especially in the automotive industry, both weight and high quality standards are top priorities. Therefore this industry has a particularly high demand for the CELLMOULD®  lightweight technology offered by WITTMANN BATTENFELD to enable the production of light-weight components  without warpage.

Such parts are manufactured, for example, by Schröder in Kierspe, Germany. Schröder, a contract manufacturer whose main customer base is the automotive industry, specializes in the production of complex components.

Multifunctional housing components for sensors

Multifunctional housing components for sensors in automobiles constitute the main production program of the privately-owned company Promotech in Schalchen near Mattighofen in Upper Austria. One example are rain-light-moisture sensors for automobiles. The top part of their housing, which is 33 mm in diameter, accommodates seven infrared rain detectors and two lenses to measure the ambient light intensity. A connection plug with insert-molded metal contacts is also connected to the housing as an integral part. To make this component, a Wittmann Battenfeld 3-component vertical machine with an ultra-compact injection aggregate configuration is used.

Innovative air conditioning systems and housings

Innovative air conditioning systems and housings for the automotive industry are the main segment of the product range of Messrs. Backhaus in Kierspe, Germany. The range includes complex 2-component parts, in which materials of different hardnesses are combined. Such parts are produced on multicomponent machines of the established HM series of WITTMANN BATTENFELD. Attractively designed, high quality light weight parts, which are more and more of interest for the automotive industry, are produced by applying the WITTMANN BATTENFELD structural foam technology CELLMOULD®.

Housing parts and gear wheels for stepping motors

Housing parts and gear wheels for stepping motors are manufactured in the injection molding shop of the Klagenfurt plant of Magna Auteca AG. Low recects rates are of major importance for Magna. They are not only an indicator for quality but also for the ability of the machine technology to reach stable production cycles quickly.

In this context, WITTMANN BATTENFELD could convince Magna from a machine of its EcoPower series with its high Proportion of servo-electric drive components, combined with a WITTMANN W821 linear robot and a parts separating system.

Thermoset products for the automotive industry

Winkelmann Powertrain Components GmbH & Co. KG, located in Ahlen, Germany, produces among others thermoset products with injection stamping Technology, which contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption of motor vehicles due to their low weight. For this reason, Winkelmann applies hydraulic injection molding machines equipped with the complete package of Options required for thermoset processing, all coming from WITTMANN BATTENFELD.

Perfect surfaces with galvanized plastic parts

Its specialist knowledge in the area of galvanizing plastic parts makes Boryszew Oberflächentechnik Deutschland, based in Prenzlau/Germany, an important strategic partner for leading automobile manufacturers. In plastics injection molding, Boryszew has now been relying on injection molding technology from WITTMANN BATTENFELD for the last 10 years.

Complex connector housings for the automotive industry

PWF Kunststofftechnik, domiciled in Glinde near Hamburg/Germany, specializes in the production of complex connector housings primarily used in the automotive industry. PWF uses latest injection molding technology from WITTMANN BATTENFELD to fulfill the stringent quality standards required for its products.

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