Sprue picker

Sprue removal units

For the removal of sprues and parts from the injection molding machine.


WS80 servo picker for the space-saving removal and separation of sprues

As of now, the new WS80 servo sprue picker is not only available as an integrated solution at the injection molding machine, but also as a stand-alone device, combined with the Net8 control. This control (as the CNC control) – developed by WITTMANN –, had been already in use together with the pneumatic WP80 sprue picker. Changeover from the pneumatic model to the servo driven model is therefore easily achieved.


  • Simple change from one product to another
  • High-dynamic capsuled; entry-times of less than 1 sec
  • Full integration into the molding machine

Pivotal gripper

WP80 sprue picker:
The solid construction allows fast movement with low vibration for precise removal.

X-axis (kick-stroke)

  • Heavy-duty linear rails and recirculating ball bearings.
  • Swivel base to rotate the arm behind the fixed platen for mold changes and locating pin to precisely reposition arm for part removal.


Y-axis (vertical stroke) 0–550 mm (21.7“) or 700 mm (27.6")

  • Adjustable stroke.
  • Pneumatic shock absorbers.
  • Locking cylinder to prevent the arm from drifting down into the mold in the event of air pressure loss.
  • The Y-axis is also equipped with a heavy-duty switch as an additional interlock before the mold can close.
  • Energy chain for less wear of tubing.


Z-axis (pivot)

  • Freely adjustable from 45°–95°.
  • Simple changeover from rear side to operator side placement.


B-axis (90°C tooling rotation)
Rotation is made automatically when pivoting the Z-axis out of the press.

Mechanical Sprue Gripper
With part monitoring.

  • Venturi vacuum with part monitoring.
  • Parts gripper with 4 suction cups.

Net8 Sprue Picker Control

  • For WP80 and WS80 sprue picker
  • Easy to use interface with graphical LCD display.
  • Simple sequence start
  • Simple Teach-In programming of the entire program sequence, including all movements, strokes, time settings and molding machine Interface
  • 4 standard programs for easy setup
  • Up to 50 additional individual programs can be taught and stored
  • Standard molding machine interface (SPI & E12)
  • Full diagnostics with text error messages
  • The same languages as with the CNC8 control are available.

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