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Data privacy statement

Personal data, such as names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses, that we record and manage as part of our Internet activities in every country where we have websites, shall be handled in accordance with national legislation relating to data protection and data security.

The user discloses such data on an expressly voluntary basis. In principle, your data shall only be sent to the intended e-mail address and shall not be stored. We shall only use your personal data to answer your request, process your order or send you special information on offers. In order to maintain customer relations, it may also be necessary for us to store, process and pass on your personal data for example to a representation of the WITTMANN Group in order to better address your request.

You may send an e-mail at any time requesting that stored data be changed, deleted or blocked. We do not create user profiled with or without a personal reference. Furthermore, the WITTMANN Group will not gather any personal data on the use of the website. This site employs the web analytics service Google Analytics.



Online content
The WITTMANN Group assumes no liability for the quality of the information provided, nor gives any guarantee that the information is up-to-date, correct or complete. Liability claims against the WITTMANN Group relating to damages of any kind that were caused by use or misuse of the provided information or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information are excluded, unless there is evidence of willful intent or gross negligence on the part of the WITTMANN Group. All offers are non-binding. The WITTMANN Group explicitly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete online content in full or in part, or to remove the content temporarily or permanently, without prior notice.

References and links
The WITTMANN Group accepts no liability for direct or indirect references to third-party Internet pages (so-called links), which are beyond the WITTMANN Group’s control, unless the WITTMANN Group is aware of the content of the linked sites, and preventing access of illegal content via these links would have been technically feasible and reasonable. The WITTMANN Group therefore explicitly declares that at the time of establishing the links, the corresponding linked pages were free from illegal content. The WITTMANN Group has no control whatsoever over the current and future design and contents of the linked/referenced pages. Therefore, the WITTMANN Group hereby specifically distances itself from all contents on linked/referenced sites modified after the links in question were established. This declaration applies to all links and references set within the WITTMANN Group’s own online content as well as for entries made by third parties in visitor logs, discussion forums and mailing lists eventually established by the WITTMANN Group. Liability for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content, and in particular for damages resulting from use or misuse of such information shall be borne solely by the party providing the linked site and not by the party incorporating the published material published by reference.

Copyright and trademark rights
In all publications, the WITTMANN Group strives to either observe the copyright of the used images, audio and video files, and text, to use their own images, audio and video files and text or to resort to license-free images, audio and video files and text. Brands and trademarks mentioned in the WITTMANN Group’s online content that are protected by third parties are without limitation subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant copyright law, and the right of ownership of the registered owner. Referencing to trademarks does not imply that they are not protected by the rights of a third party. The copyright for any material published and created by the WITTMANN Group remains solely with the author. Any reproduction or use of such images, audio and video files, and text in any other electronic or printed publication is not permitted without the WITTMANN Group’s explicit consent.

Legal validity of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be considered as part of the online content from which this site was referenced to. If parts or individual formulations of this text should no longer completely correspond to the current legal situation, the other parts remain valid.

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