Rotational axes

For applications with additional degrees of freedom, WITTMANN supplies optional servo rotational axes around all 3 principle axes.

A/B/C servo rotational axes


Programming with increments of  0.01° ensures extremely fine adjustment.

Servo A-axis
Allows the wrist flip to independently position the end-of-arm tooling and molded parts, i.e. in the mold area as well as during placement.

Servo B-axis
Allows rotation of the end-of-arm tooling in the mold area between the fixed and flexible adapter plate and the arbitrary orientation of parts with a flip-down gripper during placement.

Servo C-axis
Allows removal of molded parts from the moving as well as the fixed mold halves and the arbitrary presentation to downstream equipment.


  • Compact mechanical design minimizes mold open.
  • Highly dynamic servo motors and precise planetary gearboxes enable extremely fast movements.

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