High speed robots (UHS)

The ultra high speed robot series has been developed to achieve the fastest part removal times and allows mold open times of less than 1 second.

W821 UHS, W832 UHS and W833 UHS

W821 UHS
W833 UHS
W833 UHS (Detail)

In order to constantly achieve these short removal times over the long term, the vertical axis is activated directly over a planetary gear box engaging with a generously dimensioned tooth belt. This guarantees direct transfer of forces as well as minimizing the moving masses.

For mechanical absorption of the high acceleration and deceleration forces of up to 65m/s2, the vertical axis is designed with an extremely torsion stable kick stroke which is internally reinforced with ribs. The vertical axis consists of an aluminum profile which by means of finite element analysis, is designed for the lightest weight and highest stiffness.


  • Highest productivity of the injection molding machine with the shortest cycle.
  • Minimizes all moving masses for the highest acceleration and deceleration.
  • The moving X-axis is further improving the dynamic of the units.

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