Compact series

All larger robots – starting from the W821 models – are designed with a moveable kick-stroke beam which is guided directly in the main carriage. The reduced moving mass allows high acceleration and deceleration for extremely short cycle times.

W821, W823, and W828


Payload up to max. 12 kg.

  • W821
    The vertical arm consists of a rigid aluminum extrusion and guided by heavy-duty linear bearings and driven by
    a servomotor via belt to allow high  speeds and short
    removal times.

  • W823
    Telescopic Vertical Axis: The gripper is mounted in front
    of the telescopic arm allowing for a very short length,
    for minimum overall height and fast movements.

  • W828
    Longer demolding axis for tandem molds. Offers the possibility of a double arm allowing to remove the sprue separately (3-platen-mold). The long X-axis is designed to also execute preparation steps.

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